Dee Chen Shihan, 6th Dan so Hombu

Dee Chen Sensei first started practising Aikido in 1971 under Shihan TK Chiba at the Chiswick Dojo in West London.

She was actively involved in developing the Aikikai of Great Britain (AGB), the first national Aikikai association in Britain formed by Shihan Chiba. As General Secretary of the AGB she represented Great Britain at the First Congress of the International Aikido Federation held in Tokyo in 1976.

She returned to Tokyo in 1977 for 2 years to study Aikido at Hombu Dojo and Muso Shinden Ryu Iai-do with Mitsuzuka Takeshi Sensei.

She was awarded Fukushidoin in 1987 and Shidoin in 1990.

Chen Sensei was one of the seven founder members of British Birankai (then British Aikikai) in 1995 and was appointed General Secretary, a post she still holds today. She edited Musubi, the British Aikikai/British Birankai  newsletter since its inception in 1995 and has continued as editor of the Birankai Europe Musubi which was first published in July 2010 following the demise of Birankai Continental Europe (BCE) and the amalgamation of its newsletter Shiun with Musubi.

She has attended many Aikido courses in Tokyo, USA, Canada and France and taught in Canada and France. She was awarded Rokudan (6th Dan) in January 2001 and promoted Birankai Shihan on 28 October 2006. Chiba Sensei presented her with her Aikikai Shihan certificate on 14 August 2007 in London at the London Aikikai Aikido Dojo in Maida Vale.

Chen Sensei is the chief instructor of London Aikikai (Shinmei-kan) Dojo in Maida Vale, London. At present she is on a leave of absence from practice.

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