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January 2012


  • Transmission - Part III
  • Editorial
  • Sacred trust
  • Armoury of the teacher
  • Finding your own way
  • An iron dIscipline
  • Longtime training
  • Understanding cultural background
  • A healthy dojo
  • Training with injuries
  • Aikido and Omotokyo
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Japan Tsunami Fund
  • Jenny Curran
  • Promotions



In 2011 we continued to work towards developing a stronger and more unified and efficient European body.

The First Birankai Europe Summer School 2011 with Shihan TK Chiba 8th Dan and Shihan Etsuji Horii 7th Dan, Aikido Kobe Sanda Dojo, Kobe, Japan, was hosted by British Birankai and held in August in Worcester, UK. Chiba Sensei has directed that the annual Birankai Europe Summer School be held in the UK for two more years.

Since July 2010, we have amalgamated the two newsletters Shiun and Musubi to produce a united Birankai Europe Musubi. Our present project to update the Continental Europe website to reflect this new cohesive European body is in progress.

Our thanks to Jenny Curran as she completes her stint of recording for posterity all BB summer schools since 1997. She has mentioned that she enjoyed being a part of the summer schools and she will sorely miss the camaraderie and all the friendships she has nurtured over the years.

On behalf of Birankai Europe Shihankai I would like to thank all members for their support and loyalty over the years and we look forward to working together in 2012.

Have a Happy New Year.
Dee Chen




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Birankai British Aikikai Aikido Spring Course 2019
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