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  • Challenge of Age
  • Centre of Gravity
  • In-Yo
  • BE Summer Camp 2014
  • English Small Pleasures
  • CMW Beginners' Class
  • Etsuji Horii Sensei in Wroclaw
  • Summer School 1970
  • Shihan Jack Arnold
  • Notice Board
You may have noted the absence of BE Musubi in January. The
decision was made to coordinate events with the publication date to give more advance publicity of events. The new publication dates will now be in May and November.
For the past three years the UK has hosted the BE Summer School. This year the mantle has been passed on to Poland where it will beheld in Wroclaw with Shihan Tsuruzo Miyamoto 7th Dan from Hombu Dojo, Japan. To qualify for a reduced rate early bookings must be made by 31 May 2014. Further details are available at and on page nine.
Our congratulations to Shihan Joe Curran. Hombu Dojo has ratified his Birankai Shihan award with the Hombu Shihan certificate he received in April 2014. He wrote about this promotion in our January 2013 issue.
In this issue Anne Ducouret gives us an insight into the way we
should use our body’s centre of gravity in practice. Tim Sullivan writes
a moving eulogy on Shihan Jack Arnold 7th Dan who passed away on
5 November 2013. Tim a British Birankai student spent over three years
in 2009 at Arnold Sensei’s Dojo.
Wellington Tsang has joined the editorial board as the new Sub-editor.
Our thanks to Chris Howlin who worked with us from the first issue in
July 2010. We wish him all the best in his new ventures.
Thanks to all the contributors who submitted articles and photos. ☯
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  • Aikido Should Enrich Lives
  • Editorial
  • Kan Zen In Dojo, Zurich
  • Encounter With A Warrior
  • Teacher Student Relationship
  • Birankai France Officially Recognised
  • Jo-Ha-Kyu
  • Birankai Europe Youth Seminar 2013
  • 5th National JAC Course
  • Notice Board
Last year at the BE summer school in July Chiba Sensei informed us that Birankai France under the leadership of Shihan Patrick Barthélémy, President and Anne Ducouret, Vice President was granted Aikikai Hombu full recognition in line with the other European Birankai organizations. In June this year Anne Ducouret organized a course in Paris when the Hombu certificate was presented by Shihan Didier Boyet - see article on page 11. We are also pleased to announce that Birankai Israel under Amnon Tzechovoy, Chairman, has also
received Aikikai Hombu full recognition.
This year the Birankai Europe Teachers’ Course and Aikido Summer School will be held at University of Worcester, England. Chiba Sensei had agreed that for economic reason the Teachers’ course should be combined with summer school. The Teachers’ course 26-27 July is open to Birankai certified teachers and head of dojos only and this year there will be no course fee charged for this extra day of classes for those attending the full week of Summer School.
Shihan Etsuji Horii 7th Dan from Aikido Kobe Sanda Dojo, Japan will be our special instructor and he will be assisted by Birankai Europe Shihan and Shidoin. We will miss Chiba Sensei who is unable to be with us this year as he has taken an official leave of absence until May 2014 while he sorts out his health issues. We all send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Thanks to all the contributors who submitted articles and photos for this issue. A reminder that Dojos should send in a list of Dan/Shidoin/Fukushidoin promotions and any new development in their organization/Dojo together with articles for the next issue due in January 2014. ☯
Dee Chen
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