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Joe Curran Sensei started Aikido in 1969 under the guidance of the late William ‘Slim’ Coyle Sensei, one of the early pioneers of Scottish Aikido.

In 1970 at Chiswick he met Chiba Sensei, 8th dan Shihan, the then Technical Director of the Aikikai of Great Britain, the former name of the British Aikido Federation. Joe Curran Sensei was awarded Shodan by Chiba Sensei in 1976 and was later awarded Fukushidoin by him.

Having moved to Newcastle upon Tyne Curran Sensei co-founded the Seishinkan Dojo. On moving house to the East Midlands Curran Sensei resigned from the British Aikido Federation and joined the United Kingdom Aikikai. Later in conjunction with a group of Chiba Sensei’s senior students Curran Sensei co-founded the British Aikikai, now known as British Birankai.

Returning to the north east of England Curran Sensei started the Sakumeikan dojo at the University of Northumbria where he was Aikido instructor before moving to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne where he is currently the resident Aikido instructor.

In 1997 Curran Sensei was awarded Shidoin teaching certification by Chiba Sensei and was appointed to the British Birankai Teaching Committee. In 1999 he was appointed Chairman of British Aikikai, now British Birankai, a position he held for a period of seven years.

Curran Sensei’s Aikido training has included time spent as an uchideshi at San Diego Aikikai. He attended the International Aikido Federation Third Convention held in 1980 in Paris and has attended seminars with many well-known Japanese Shihan. He has taught Aikido in the USA, France, Spain, Holland and he conducted the 1st Tunisian International Summer School in 2005.

Curran Sensei received his 6th dan from Chiba Sensei in 2004. At the Birankai Europe Aikido Summer School 2012 in Worcester he was promoted to Shihan by Chiba Sensei.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Shihan, 6th dan

Aikido Doshu to Visit the UK PDF Print E-mail
British Birankai are proud to announce the visit to the UK by Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, grandson of the founder of Aikido in June 2010. We are delighted that Waka sensei Ueshiba Mitsuteru and a Hombu dojo shihan will be joining Doshu for this event. A course will be held in Cardiff, South Wales with all three giving instruction.

A new website has been set up for this momentous occasion - book now! Click here to go to the website. Please note that all bookings have to be made in advance via the website and no bookings will be possible at the venue.

From the website:

"We are delighted and honoured that Doshu, Ueshiba Moriteru, has accepted an invitation from the British Aikido Federation, the Scottish Aikido Federation, the United Kingdom Aikikai, British Birankai and the Komyokan Aikido Association to visit and teach in the UK. The seminar will be held from Friday 18th June 2010 to Sunday 20th June 2010 at the Welsh Institute for Sport, Cardiff, South Wales."
Chiba Sensei Article by Simon Puffett PDF Print E-mail

After attending the British Birankai 2008 Summer School Simon Puffet of Aikido Shinryukan, New Zealand has written an article 'An Audience With TK Chiba Shihan in Wales'. Here is a link to their website and a link to the article. Thanks Simon - It was good to see you.

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13th January 2009: You can access this page from the 'Aikido' drop down menu

This page details coaching requirements and coaching information to enable teachers improve their coaching skills. Please note that Coaching in this sense does not refer to Aikido coaching but is instead about non-Aikido skills that help make better teachers.

How to Book a Course

It is possible to request a place on an existing course or you can contact a trainer and arrange a course at a suitable venue. CL2 (Coach Level 2) module requirements are listed lower down on this page.
Nationwide: Sports Coach UK (ScUK) Website
London: Pro-Active London
Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire: CSW Sport - Events

The Sports Coach UK courses are normally very cheap at around £10 per course and some are even free!

Coaching Requirements

BAB (British Aikido Board) defined coaching levels are as follows:
Coach Level 1 (CL1)
Coach Level 2 (CL2)
Coach Level 3 (CL3)
There are further levels for trainers.

Requirements: Coach Level 1
This is a two-day course for students intending to instruct without supervision at club level. An assessment of coaching ability will be made by an approved Coach Tutor throughout the course during both the theoretical and practical sessions. All students successfully satisfying these requirements will receive via their Association CLO a recognition certificate for Coach Level 1. Certificates of competence will then be issued via the Association. Contact British Birankai Coaching Liaison Officer (see Officials page) for further details.

Requirements: Coach Level 2

This is a one day assessment for students intending to instruct without supervision at club level and beginning to engage in coaching activity at Association level.

The CL2 units may be taken via the BAB or scUK as both are valid. Depending on which body you book the course through you will need to look for the names of modules as shown in the following table.

The student will require the following Units:

BAB Units Sports Coach UK Units
Young People Coaching Children & Young People
Protecting Children Safeguarding & Protecting Children
Practice, Skill & Technique Improving Practice & Skill
Fit for Purpose Fitness & Training
Communication Coaching Methods & Communication
Managing Risk Safe exercise, Injury Prevention & Management

Subsequent to taking the above modules there will be an assessment which will lead to the Coach level 2 qualification.

Requirements: Coach Level 3
See the BAB website for details
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